The Blissful Puppy Program

Puppy Socialization/Training/Playgroup

The Healthy Bone and Blissful Tails have teamed up to bring you our one of a kind puppy socialization, training, and playgroup!

NOTE:  In September of 2016, Blissful Tails will begin offering the Tiny Tots Puppy Playgroup for our wee friends who have completed their puppy vaccination series, as well as an Intermediate Puppy Socialization and Playgroup!  Stay tuned…

Our Blissful Puppy Program will afford your young furiend the opportunity to work on his or her socialization skills within a safe, supervised pack setting, as they romp and play FOR HOURS with their fellow puppy companions!  We provide both pickup and drop off service as a part of the Blissful Puppy Program.  We will be working on basic training commands, such as sit, stay, come, leave it, etc…, in addition to more advanced skills, such as high drive recall.  By participating in a training group without you present, your puppy will learn valuable self-soothing skills, thus decreasing the likelihood of any issues with separation anxiety.  We will also be introducing your furbaby to new stimuli each week, including a number of new sights and sounds, and various social situations.  Our goal is to help your exceptionally well behaved puppy move towards adulthood with confidence!  The Blissful Puppy Program is also a terrific way to help your puppy transition into either The Healthy Bone’s highly touted K9 Adventure Program and/or the off-leash hiking/Midday Come and Play groups and other such programs offered by Blissful Tails!


  • Socialization: Early socialization yields lasting results
  • Exposure to New Stimuli
  • Basic to Intermediate Training
  • Helps with Separation Anxiety
  • Seamless Transition into The Healthy Bone’s K9 Adventure Hiking Program or many programs/services offered by Blissful Tails
  • A Happy, Tired, Well Behaved Puppy!

Once your puppy is between nine and 12 months of age, they will possess all of the skills needed to seamlessly transition into The Healthy Bone’s K9 Adventure Hiking Program!  Blissful Tails also offers a number of programs for our adult canine friends, such as our Midday Come and Play groups.  Between The Healthy Bone and Blissful Tails, you’ll discover a myriad of options to ensure that every stage of your canine companion’s life is the best it can possibly be!

To find out more and reserve a space for your furbaby, simply complete the New Service Request or shoot us an email at, and one of our team members will be in touch!

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