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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  As impassioned pet lovers/guardians ourselves, we abide by the Golden Rule.  We treat the pets and the homes of our clients as we would want our own cared for in our absence.  We believe in building lasting relationships with those we serve!

We aren’t your typical run of the mill in-home pet sitting service.  We believe in going above and beyond to ensure that your pet(s) have the best experience possible while in our care!  Taking care of your pets is not a job…it’s an honor.  We take our work very seriously – we are not just animal lovers – we have dedicated our lives to the care and betterment of our furry/feathery/scaled friends within our own community and beyond!

Read on to find out what our clients have to say about the services we provide!

“It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Cyndi and Blissful Tails. I have lost track of the exact number of years I have been using Blissful Tails, but perhaps it is three years already. This began with my first dog, Jasper, who is no longer with me. Jasper had lymphoma and died at the age of 10 years old in May 2014. Cyndi got to know Jasper very well through walks, adventure hikes and occasional sleep overs. Jasper was a very sweet chocolate lab but I explained to Cyndi when we first met that after working with him for years and many different trainers, I had never been able to get him off leash reliably. It didn’t take Cyndi very long working with him before he was enjoying adventure hikes off leash with a group of new friends. He was a very happy boy. I have always so appreciated how much care and compassion Cyndi has shown my dogs and all animals. I won’t trust my dogs with anyone but I trust my dogs completely with Cyndi, knowing that she will take the best care of them and always have their best interest in mind. I now have a 2 ½ old female black lab that Cyndi has been walking and taking on adventure hikes for the past year. She loves Cyndi as much as my chocolate buddy did.  It is obvious that Cyndi cares greatly about her 4-legged customers and their companions. I recommend her highly and without reservation. Ellie and I would be lost without Cyndi!” – LB

“We have known Cynthia and used her services for many years.  There is no one more compassionate and caring for animals.  She is trustworthy with your home and your pets.  She delights in playing with them, and our dogs over the years have absolutely loved her.  She is reliable and diligent, doing all the things you want done for your pet.  She has a large range of services that she has performed for animals over the years from medical and grooming needs to behavior training.  And she always seems to have such a cheerful and willing manner.”  SMP

“I was leaving town in 10 days. The in house dog sitter I had hired cancelled on me via FB messenger. One of my dogs had just been diagnosed with an ACL “issue” and I didn’t want to board them….then I heard about Cyndi and Blissful Tails from a friend…..the BEST thing that’s ever happened for me and my Best Buds!!

Cyndi came to the house to interview my babies and the rest is history!   She took them into her house and her heart and took care of them while I was gone as if they were her own.  She texted me and sent pictures every day. I never worried for one minute. They will ALWAYS go to her whenever I go out of town.

She also recommended a nearby groomer who was wonderful! 

If you want to have peace of mind…..KNOWING that your babies are getting the most loving attention possible in your absence. ….I HIGHLY recommend Blissful Tails!!!!” – EW

 “I work long hours which can be hard on a puppy. Cyndi is dependable and trustworthy to come by and let my Golden Retriever out for a walk, a bit of exercise, and put some food down for him. My dog is like my child and I completely trust Cyndi to his care. She is so loving, caring and skilled in handling my dog.

Many times Cyndi comes by and takes the dog home with her to just “hang out” with her and her dogs (his BFFSs). I love that she leaves a note as to what activities they did that day, like hikes and swims or just something cute that he did. Sometimes I feel jealous… the dog is definitely having more fun than I am while I’m at work.

There are times when I am home and my dog keeps going to the front door around the time he is expecting Cyndi. He even whines and looks at me as if to say “is she coming?” – LS

“Last December, our original plans with our neighbor fell through and we needed someone last minute to take care of our 4 cats while we were away for the week. A friend suggested Blissful Tails and they were able to take care of us. Cyndi was polite and professional. She texted me with updates during our vacation which was great and made us feel extra comfortable having her taking care of our kitties in our home. I truly felt that she cared for my animals and did an amazing job taking care of them. I will utilize her services in the future, and I highly recommend Cyndi and Blissful Tails to anyone seeking loving and professional care for their pets!” – AB

“Blissful Tails is the absolute best dog service ever! Our dogs just love Cyndi and Chris and their care is outstanding.  We truly do not worry when we are away, and if anything unusual arises, we know our dogs will be well taken care of and loved!  We can’t say enough good things about Blissful Tails and we highly recommend them.  Our dogs love them too!” J&DJ


If you are a member of the Blissful Tails family and would like to submit feedback or a testimonial, please email us at!  Thank you for your support!

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