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Welcome to Bliss!

Blissful Tails was created to deliver a fresh approach to the traditional in-home pet sitting model.  At its heart, Blissful Tails is dedicated to providing the best care possible and assist in improving the lives of the animals and humans we serve.  We take pride in going above and beyond, always with the animals’ best interest at the heart of all that we do!

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to caring for your beloved pets…

Every animal is wonderfully unique, something just about every pet owner understands and appreciates!  It is for that very reason that we believe in tailoring our services to meet the individual needs of each animal and family we are honored to work with.

We know from years of experience that applying a standardized, cookie cutter approach to the work we do does not always guarantee the best experience possible for your beloved pet(s).  This methodology is what truly sets us apart from other in-home pet sitting companies…we appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of the animals we care for and will always operate with their best interest at heart!

We offer a vast array of services so that we can work with our clients to develop a plan that works best for them.  We also partner with several outstanding organizations within the pet services industry, yet another example of our dedication to improving the lives of the animals and families we serve.

Many of our clients have stated that they no longer worry when they are away because they know their beloved pets are being so well cared for in their absence.  Be sure to visit our testimonials page to find out what our clients are saying about us!


Some of the services offered by Blissful Tails:


The Blissful Midday Come and Play, a Daily Hiking Group

The Blissful Puppy Program

The Leisurely Senior Strollers/Rehabbin’ Rovers 

The Tiny Tots Blissful Puppy Group

The Intermediate Puppy Socialization/Play/Hiking Group


AM, Midday, PM In-Home Care, including on-leash walks, feeding, medications, kitty care, general home care, and more!

Midday Exercise/Socialization Small Group Outings

Overnight In-Home Care

Vacation/Extended Stay Care

Holiday In-Home Care

Pet Taxi Service (CRCG, Veterinary Appointments, Grooming Appointments, etc…)

K9 Adventure Hiking Program (a wonderfully unique and effective program offered by our partner company, The Healthy Bone.

In The Works…

The Blissful “Beach Day”

Stay tuned, as there’s always more to come…

Meet Our Team!

As with most things of this nature, we are always so busy taking care of and having fun with our many beloved furiends (and gratefully so!), that we are behind on writing our bios.  When it comes to Blissful Tails, the care/best interest/love of and commitment to those we serve is always, always, always our number one priority, hence why it can take us a bit and then some to get to tasks such as writing our bios!  I can absolutely promise you however, that Blissful Tails is comprised of an outstanding group of animal loving (to put it very, very mildly LOL – we are absolutely crazy about our furred/feathered/scaled friends!), dedicated, compassionate, caring, phenomenal people, who are always willing to go above and beyond – it took a good while to assemble such a team and we will continue searching for yet more unique and wonderful souls to join us on our mission to revolutionize/improve upon the industry standard, but at present, Blissful Tails is…

Cyndi, Renee, Marc, Chris, Mandi, and Ben!

More information about each member of our incredible team and our ultimate vision as a whole will one day make its way onto this page!  Stay tuned…when it comes to Blissful, there’s always more to come!

A New Take on In-Home Pet Care!

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